NormaGene is a Gene Normalization service, provided by BiTeM group. This service is designed to help specialists in linking genes mentioned in the text to standard identifiers (EntrezGene IDs) and to tag gene names found in the provided text (Gene Tagger option). The service works with any textual input (abstract, full-text document, short user query) and as an output it provides XML-structured normalized genes IDs. Species names, confidence score of each gene is provided as a supplement to the ranked gene IDs list (items are returned from the best score to the worst). You can tune the threshold of the NER system. Tunning the threshold helps to find complicated gene names in the text but it also increases time to process the text

IMPORTANT: IF you use the option of Gene Tagger than you don't need to switch on GOCat option.


About NormaGene

e-mail: Dina Vishnyakova (NormaGene Developer)

Genes Tagger: On Off
Threshold from 0.1 to 1.0:
Input Text:
GOCat option: On Off